Pink Rose Wedding Cake

A 2 tier wedding cake for Lawrence and Shealy’s special occassion. The only requests from Shealy’s cousin who ordered the cake was pink roses with butterflies on a white cake. So I took the opportunity to try out my new sugar lace mat for this wedding cake. And voila…this is what you get!



To add a little colour to this wedding cake I dusted the lace butterfly with green and yellow dusting powder. And I think they are a perfect match to the pink roses.



The sugar lace is simply beautiful and adds a classic touch to the white cake.




Chocolate Fudge cake

A very sinful chocolate cake for Aliya’s 12th birthday from her aunty Sherry. Rich chocolate sponge cake filled with chocolate ganache filling.


chocolate fudge cake




Black Gumpaste Cymbidium Orchid

I came across this black cymbidium orchid in a Facebook Page – Orchidee – Orchids and immediately fell in love with this black orchid.

black cymbidium orchid

So what do I do since I am head over heels in love with this black orchid? Well…. I have made green, yellow, white, pink and maroon cymbidium orchids before.  It’s time I try a black orchid.  After some procrastination, as usual, here is my version of the black cymbidium orchid.


black gumpaste cymbidium orchid


This is as close as I can get to replicate the colour of the actual black cymbidium.  They look different but I love them both 🙂


black gumpaste cymbidium orchid

Boobs cake

I want to make it a habit to take pictures of my cakes  as I make them. Many times, I just forgot about it as my hands worked on the cake.  Well, this time I managed to use my camera phone to snap pictures of  this boobs cake.

This is a naughty cake, a mild one though. This boobs cake was made for Adrian’s 21st birthday celebration, a present from his elder brother and sister.

I baked 2 chocolate cake using Wilton’s ball pan, crumb coated the cake with chocolate buttercream and placed them side by side on 2 cake boards (forgot to take a picture of this step) on top of a bigger cake board that has been covered with black fondant 2 days  in advance. I covered the cake with skin coloured fondant and dressed the boobs in red fondant that has rose imprints, using a textured rolling pin.  This was followed by the black lace trimmings and strings to finish off the dress.

Boobs cakeI made the male figurine’s head  2 days in advance for it to dry sufficiently and added the other parts of his body after the cake has been completed.

Boobs cakeAnd the completed boobs cake.

boobs cake