Moth orchid

Created this blog sometime ago but just couldn’t find the time to finalised it. Will start blogging here today. The other pages are still under construction. Nevertheless, my previous blog is still accessible.

 Was asked to make a 3-tier dummy cake for display at ICCA’s new HQ at Dataran Sunway.

Couldn’t decide on what to make, changed my mind several times before deciding on this pink moth orchid. Thought I could use what I learned from my Life Size Flower class  but had so much difficulty. The flowers from class looked different from the real ones and I didn’t really have much time to try different options.

Moth orchids are usually white in colour with a tinge of yellow or purple in the middle.  Decided on pink as white flowers on white a cake may not stand out. Had some problem with dusting.  The colours, especially for the leaves could still come off even after steaming them. Still need to work on the colours to make my orchids look more real.

The cake is displayed on the ground floor of ICCA near the Cupcake Corner. This photo was taken by Nurainie.



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