Discovering Orchids

Finally…. I completed my orchid project using gumpaste ! This whole orchid thingy has been keeping me busy for the last 2 months.

In December 2008, I learned how to make moth and vanda orchids in clay. Clay is a lot easier to work with as the petals can be made very thin and clay does not break. And because clay flowers are meant for display purposes, we could use many non-edible stuff to make them. We used this “super glue” that works in 3 seconds. It’s really amazing, you attach the petals, hold it for 3 seconds and let go! They petals won’t fall. Unfortunately, there was no way that I could use them on my gumpaste flowers. It was the whole process of finding the right gumpaste recipe,  reproduce the flowers and matching the colours that kept me busy.

Moth orchid, also known as, Phalaenopsis orchid, is a common orchid that I see frequently. It comes in  various colours, striped or spotted.I first made this orchid in my Life Size Flower class back in October. Wasn’t very happy with the results, hence I learned again.  This time around, I am glad to say that I am very pleased with the results although the petals do look different.  Here’s a picture of my gumpaste version. They look no different from those made in my clay class except that I have used florist wire to hold the petals together. Check out my cake gallery to see the clay version.


As for vanda, I have not seen them before this. I was so fascinated with the way the veins on the petal were made. So I chose to make this orchid although I’m not sure if many people would like it on their cake. What do you think?


As with all orchids, each specie comes in various colours. I found one picture of vanda with no veins. Just google for vanda pictures, you’ll see what I mean. Had to modify the vanda a bit as I could not use “super glue”.  My sifu made it this way before she discovered “super glue”.  The other problem was getting the same colour for purple. Any one knows how to get the purple that you see on the clay vanda?

My partner in the class completed the whole orchid plant so she could display them at home.  I only made the flowers as I can’t be putting the whole plant on my cake, right? Her clay red is very nice but I have not found the exact match yet. This is what she made.


This is the red that I got. Will just have to try with different combinations next time.


There are still many orchids that I would like to make i.e cymbidium, dendrobium, cattleya and slipper orchid. Not sure when I’ll have my Saturdays free again because that’s the only day that I can go. Hopefully it will happen in April. Keeping my fingers’ crossed!!


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