Jelly Cakes

I bought this book, The Magic of Agar-agar,  from Bake With Yen with the hope of learning to make the jelly cakes myself since I couldn’t find a suitable time to go for the class.

I briefly went through the book before buying it just to make sure that clear instructions were given in the book. Yes, the book did give step-by-step instructions to make the flowers but nothing was said on how to attach the flowers to the jelly cake! Too late, I found out only after I thoroughly went through them at home. Felt so cheated …… well, that’s nothing new from BWY, I guess. My fault for missing that out.

Fortunately, Elaine who attended the class at Bake With Yen , was kind enough to share the trick with me. All you need is just toothpicks! So, this is how my very first jelly cake looks like.


Wanted to make roses but made the petals too thick. As a result could not put in as many petals into the former. I used the jelly flower mould/cutters bought from BWY but was not sure how much of jelly to pour into the plate. There were not enough of the formers in the set, so I had to make use of my lily flower nail to hold the rose petals. Actually, a lot of my flower cutters can be used to make these jelly flowers. So no need to buy anymore.

I attempted to make another jelly cake for our Chap Goh Mei gathering, this time using my blossom cutters since it was still Chinese New Year.


The flowers turned out better this time. Picture’s not very clear though. And my ex-colleagues were impressed with the jelly cake with many wondering how I made the cherry blossom. You can see that the brown colour from the branches has spread to other parts of the cake. Not sure why as the pink one did not spread. Maybe, I should use less brown the next time. Will try a different flower next time.


2 thoughts on “Jelly Cakes

  1. I wanted to attend a jelly cake class yesterday, but first didn’t have the time, and secondly, want to save up the money for the wedding cake course at ICCA :). Why don’y you conduct a jelly cake class?! I’ll attend 🙂

  2. I’m going for the wedding cake course in June. Hope to see you there.

    Looking for place to start classes, any suggestions other than ICCA? May want to do at home. Will let you know.

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