Rolled Butter Cream Cake

Heard from a fellow cake decorator of how tasty rolled butter cream is compared to fondant. Have seen pictures of cake decorated with rolled butter cream and they really look beautiful. As usual, I couldn’t resist the urge to try and use rolled butter cream.

Here’s a simple cake decorated with rolled butter cream.


I used the recipe below. It’s very easy to make, just put everything in the mixer and beat until all ingredients are well blended. Turn onto work table and knead for 2-3 minutes until well blended.

163g Shortening (Krimwell)

900g Icing sugar (plus extras for kneading)

225g corn syrup

1/2 teaspoon salt

Initially, I found rolled butter cream rather difficult to handle compared to rolled fondant. Firstly, it is very soft and breaks easily. You’ll need to roll them on cling wrap or any non-stick mat so that you can actually lift them up to put unto your cake. Secondly, it also goes out of shape and tears easily due to the fact that it is very soft.

The fact that it is soft also makes it easier to work with. You can cut off excess rolled butter cream from your cake with your spatula and also patch up any holes as a result of tearing. All you need is your fondant smoother and icing sugar to smoothen it. Very easy compared to fondant.

My cake was out of shape initially but after some trimming here and there, I managed to get it back into shape. How I wish that I can trim off my extra body fat in this manner 🙂


The top layer is still a bit too thick as I did not trim the top. As for taste, rolled butter cream is definitely tastier than fondant. But they are both very sweet. I guess that can’t be helped since the main ingredient is icing sugar.


6 thoughts on “Rolled Butter Cream Cake

  1. Must use krimwell is it? Cannot substitute with butter? I thought the taste of krimwell is not as good as butter, but when I need some pure white icing, or other solid colour that cannot be achieved with the yellowish butter icing, then only I will use krimwell…

  2. You need to knead it into a dough similar to fondant but much much softer. Don’t think butter can survive the heat from our hands. Original recipe uses vege shortening.

  3. really good looking cake plus the butter cream…can you please give me the recipe for the cake in this picture..looks really moist and soft..iv’e tried thousand different reipes but none are soft and spongy

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