Gumpaste Lilies

Took this picture of a Peruvian Lily at Carol’s wedding last year.


They are very beautiful unlike the ones that I made in my cold porcelain class. Didn’t like that because the cutters were very big and the colour did not look real enough.

I recently bought slightly smaller cutters and made gumpaste lilies again. I found a very useful website that gives tutorial to make gumpaste flowers using just veiners.

Following her instructions, I made these gumpaste lilies with my new lily cutter.


The white lily is known as Casablanca Lily while the red one (magenta) is either Peruvian Lily or Rumbrum Lily. The lilies were made using Indonesian gumpaste that requires a lot of corn starch to be kneaded into it  to make it pliable. This paste is a lot cheaper compared to the one that uses gum tragacanth or CMC and it becomes really hard when completely dried.

Although cheaper, Indonesian gumpaste does have its limitations. Any left over gumpaste will dry no matter how tightly you wrap it up. So you can only made a little at a time. Very time consuming. In addition, dusting powder won’t stick to it that easily as the surface is relatively harder. Tried steaming the red lily petals and that helped to set the dusting powder. I made another gumpaste lily using Wilton’s gumpaste with a slight variation in colour and the result is more or less the same. Here it is:



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