More gumpaste orchids….

I am still in my journey of discovering orchids. Hence, have not been baking much. This time, I made gumpaste cattleya and cymbidium orchids.

 I have 3 cattleya cutters of different sizes which I bought from different countries. Ya …… very greedy of me to buy so many. Got to try out different sizes ma…Made them in different colours based on pictures I found on the internet.

The first one is made using a cutter I bought from Sugarcraft UK.Got Yulia to bring it back some 2 years ago. Come to think of it, my fascination with orchid started back then.


The colours didn’t look that good for this one. These two are better, made using cutters bought closer to home and cost only a fraction of the earlier one.




A fellow Wilton Method Instructor made cold porcelain cymbidium for her display cake in ICCA last year. I was so impressed with her cymbidiums. Her cymbidium green looked so bright and beautiful and there’s even some shades of brown/red on the tip of the petals. Honestly, I have not seen a real cymbidium before, or maybe I have, but didn’t know the name then. But I liked what she made. So, I started journey exploring cymbidium on the internet. And the result is this…..


 The green turned out just the way I like it. 🙂

There are still several other types of orchid that has mesmerised me. Hope to find some time to make them since I don’t have green fingers when it comes to orchids. Even without classes, my weekends are still so packed!! Wishing that there will be a AMMB rejuvenation programme …. 3 or 4 day work week will be great…. an effective and fast way to cut costs 🙂 Would love to have more time to pursue my passion.


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