Bakery China Shanghai

My first trip to Shanghai was a few years back. Went with a travel agent that has gone bust. Didn’t get to see much of the city then. Been wanting to go back to explore the city thoroughly. Managed to get a good deal during MAS travel fair and planned the trip to coincide with Bakery China 2009.

Since we were travelling by ourselves, we relied a lot on Shanghai’s excellent public transport. From the airport, we took the Maglev train and got into the city in 7 minute’s time. The train was travelling at a speed of up to 403km/hr. Yup, that’s really fast! Managed to take a picture of the Maglev station.

We stayed at Wu Gong Hotel (booking made via which is about 5 min walk from the famous Nanjing Road. Got a room which was recently renovated and everything was brand new 🙂

Found the public toilet in Nanjing Road very amusing. Instead of the normal green/red colour to indicate if the toilet is vacant or occcupied, they use a digital indicator as you can see below. If someone is using the toilet, the digital board will show how long the person has been in the toilet. Didn’t manage to take that picture as the attendant was around.

This is Jackie Chan’s wax statue being displayed at Nanjing Road.

We also explore a local wet market near Yuyuan Garden. The fruits and vegetables are very fresh. They all still have leaves attached to them.

Here are the cherry tomatoes…


some kind of bean sprout..

……. skinny brinjal….

and fresh and sweet strawberries 🙂

Here are pictures of Yuyuan.

One of the buildings on Nanjing Road

The Pearl Tower of Shanghai.
Here are the photos from the exhibition.


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