Bakery China 2009

Had the opportunity to visit Bakery China 2009 in Shanghai recently. The exhibition was so huge that I could only finish 3 of the 6 halls on the first day.


Took many pictures of the display cakes, some of which are fake.  Realised that they only used whipping cream and chocolate for decorating.  Very much like Tan See Fong’s style.  Like the way they make chocolate fan and flowers as you can see below.


The chocolate that the Chinese have doesn’t seem to harden as fast as those chocolate we have here. Several of the exhibitors showed how they make the chocolate fan. They do not even need a hot surface to spread out the melted chocolate and can take they own sweet time to add colours and create different effects. I wonder what additional ingredient they have added. Taste wise, it’s kind of “waxy”, if you know what I mean.

There is a lot of fruits used on tiered cakes. I guess with whipping cream, you can only used pillar construction due to the lighter cake beneath. These are actually fakes.



I like the way this cake stand curves that enabled the different levels to be seen clearly. Would have bought the stand if only I had come prepared. Will come with a trolley bag next time, just like many of the visitors do. Anyway, I managed to buy a 6-tiered cupcake stand and some cupcake liners on the last day of the exhibition. Also got a fish jelly mould FOC : ) from 1 of the exhibitors. The cupcake stand is available for rental. Check the retail section here.


These are made using pulled sugar and chocolate, I believe. The lobster look so real.


I have put the rest of the exhibition photos in a slide show but couldn’t figure out how to put it here. Hence, I’ve “revived” my previous blog. Check here for the slideshow.


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