Gumpaste Orchid Class – May 09

Conducted another gumpaste orchid class in May.  The class was held over 2 Sundays in PJ. Taught them how to make moth orchid, vanda, cymbidium and cattleya using gumpaste.

We had so much fun as it was a small group and everyone knew each other from their earlier classes with me. I made gumpaste using the recipe found on Nicholas Lodge’s website. I used CMC which can be purchased from Chang Tung PJ and House of Ingredients in Sri Damansara. Making your own gumpaste is not that expensive now that there are more CMC suppliers locally.

Here are some pictures of their beautiful work.

Kak J’s cattleya….


Kak Wan’s cattleya.


Kak J’s moth orchid..


Kak J’s gumpaste orchids


Kak Wan’s gumpaste orchids.


Wani’s gumpaste orchids.


Hope to run another class in August. If you are interested, let me know early ya!


One thought on “Gumpaste Orchid Class – May 09

  1. i just love your orchids i am a came decorator u see i live in the caribbean they are beatiful i hoping to reach that stage thank u

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