Liverpool Cake

This cake was made for my colleague who is an avid Liverpool fan.


It was a last minute order as our secretary forgot to inform us earlier of his birthday. Made the cake based on a picture we found on the internet.

Here’s the view from the top. Looks like I still need to brush up on my writing skills.


The birthday boy and all in my team were very impressed with the cake as they have not seen anything like this before. They like the grass as it look very real. Would have made the footballers in gumpaste if only I had the time.  And they like the chocolate cake too.

The birthday boy kept the footballers, goal post and also the Liverpool logo.

A close up look of the Liverpool logo.


Another colleague who is also a Liverpool fan has hinted that his birthday will be in August and that he would like to have a Liverpool cake too. And my boss who is also a Liverpool fan will have his birthday in July.

Well, hope that I would be able to bake their birthday cakes.


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