Squires Kitchen Professional Wedding Cake Diploma

Attended the Squires Kitchen Professional Wedding Cake Diploma at ICCA recently as I wanted to know more about the making of a wedding cake. Also learned how to make a rambling rose and longiforum lily together with jasmine as filler flowers. I love my jasmines 🙂

This is my creation that “shows skill but lacking in design flow”… will do better if I had more time.


I went for class with the intention of picking up some skills to pipe lace. But there was just not enough time to produce the design that I had in mine. Everything was simplified and hence my cake looks very dull .

I fell in love with this Lacy Heart Cutter Set from Orchard Products. Would have bought it had it been cheaper.

lacy heart cutter

Wanted to use the smallest cutter as part of the design on my cake. But I had so much difficulty removing the paste from the cutter and couldn’t get a clean cut. Wasn’t sure if I was doing it right.Here’s how they look like.


When I first started making the flowers, I didn’t like the rambling rose as I find that the rose looks dirty. My preference is still the traditional English rose. However when the entire flower spray was put together, the rambling rose does look good after all.

My flowers…. not that easy to make this lily. Need to make sure that the petals attach to each other to form a trumpet, one side came out as you can see. Also broke one end of the petal when I tried to move it 😦


The others’ flowers.



This was what the instructor made in the earlier class in May.


These are the cakes made by the other girls and sole thorn in class.




There was a simulation of a wedding cake competition at the end but no winner was announced unlike the first time the class was held. Something interesting I learned from the mock competition is that skills play a very important role in a competition. A wedding cake may look nice but if the designs are just “cut and paste” with not much piping work, that entry will not win. That explains why sometimes the winning entry in competitions may not always be the nicest looking cake.

However, in the wedding cake business, look and feel will still be the deciding factor as this is what our client see. They wouldn’t know that there are many tools to make life easy for us cake decorators.


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