Gumpaste Orchid Class – July 09

Had another gumpaste orchid class this month. Rescheduled the class from end Aug to July 09 as requested by the ladies to avoid the fasting month.

Also did 4 gumpaste orchid this time – Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, Cattleya and Vanda Miss Joachim. The last orchid is a different vanda  specie. Discovered that Vanda Miss Joachim is actually Singapore’s national flower. These were the vanda samples made for class.

Vanda Miss Joachim

This class comprised 6 ladies who have been in the cake decorating business for many years.  Daalia is my edible image supplier, while Kak Yom is my fellow WMI. Cam, who was in my very first gumpaste orchid class back in March, came back to learn a few more gumpaste orchids.  Ros, who came all the way from Singapore, discovered my blog when she googled for “gumpaste orchids”. It’s amazing what the internet can do…. The world of cake decorating is really small as both Ros, Ika and yours truly were in the same Debbie Brown class last year.

orchid class


Daalia's WIP

Misliha who got to know me through Wani chose to make a maroon cymbidium and this is how it turned out.

Misliha's cymbidium

Tried out the colour at home before showing her how to do it in class. Used 2 different dusting colours ie burgundy and scarlet velvet to achieve this effect. Aren’t they lovely?

Misliha's orchids

It’s obvious, Mis is also very pleased with her creation.


Would like to thank Daalia for letting us use her newly opened shop in Putra Heights, really appreciate it.




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