Hannah Montana Cakes

Made 2 Hannah Montana cakes recently. Both are chocolate cakes. Edible image is really a life saver for me when it comes to this type of cakes.

One is for Sherry’s niece who turned 7th in July. Aunty Sherry, who paid for the cake, wanted a square chocolate cake with chocolate ganache while the birthday girl, Aliya, wanted a purple cake. So, after covering the cake with chocolate ganache, I piped buttercream stars on top of the cake. Also added fondant stars and used my “disco” glitter on the fondant cut outs.

Aliya's Hannah Montana

The second cake was made for my niece who turned 12 today.  Since I had left over image, I suggested to make this for her and she agreed. My bro whom I believe hardly keep up with what his kids are up to was surprised to hear my suggestion. So I got Shu Yan to explain to daddy who is Hannah and Miley.  Used musical notes on the cake as Shu Yan loves to play the piano. Music is all Greek to me… so I don’t really know what I piped!



Shu Yan's hannah montana

Cut the star shape free hand, so it looks a bit “cacat” :).  No complains from the birthday girl , luckily. For the first time, Shu Yan ate the little fondant stars. She has never touched any of the fondant in all cakes that I’ve baked for the family. She said fondant taste good when eaten in small pieces 🙂


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