Ben 10 Cupcake Cake

Made this Ben 10 cupcake cake for Quan’s 10th birthday.

Ben 10 cupcake cake

Have seen so many people made this type of cake and have successfully done it this time. The last time I attempted buttercream transfer, the icing image cracked as I was transferring it to the cake. Now that I’m using crusting buttercream, the image stayed hard after taking it out from the freezer making it easy to put on the cake.  This must be done immediately as the image soften pretty fast.

This picture was taken using my bro’s Canon digital SLR camera. Colour turned out slightly different.

Ben 10 cupcake cake (7)

Here’s the birthday boy with his Ben 10 cake and favourite Ben 10 shirt.

Ben 10 cupcake cake

Notice the dirty looking soft toy on his left hand? That’s the little lamb that I bought for him many years ago. Made him a little lamb cake last year.


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