First Birthday Cakes

We, cake decorators, have a habit of hoarding tools because we don’t want to be caught in a situation of not being able to get hold of it when it is needed. I was kind of stuck in such a situation and this reaffirms my belief that hoarding is gooood 🙂

I wanted to buy a number 1 cake pan after receiving 2 orders but couldn’t get 1 as ICCA was out of stock and the pans in BWY looked cacat as usual. So, panic strucked! What can I do? Got no choice but to cut out from a square cake. Discovered that my favourite butter cake was too soft to be carved. Panic again! It had been a very stressful week for me…. sigh… Luckily, my fellow WMI, Kak Yom “rescued” me.  She was kind enough to lend me hers when I visited her bakery while waiting for my mum to be discharged from hospital. Love the shape of her number 1 pan.

So here’s the first cake with Mickey Mouse theme for Hayly. It’s a vanilla butter cake.

Birthday girl’s mummy, Renee, specifically requested for the cake to be pink so that the cake will look more girlish. Hayly likes Mickey but not Minnie.

Side view of Hayly’s mickey mouse cake.

After Hayly’s father arrived home with the cake,  Renee smsed to say the the cake was pretty and she loved it! 2 days later, Renee emailed to say that everyone loved the mickey cake and she and her aunt would like to learn how to decorate cakes from me 🙂 This really made my day!

This other number one cake was made for Lucas who is Lorraine’s little brother. I made some Rapunzel themed cupcakes for Lorraine’s birthday earlier.

The request was to have chocolate cake with white buttercream with animal figurine, one of which must be a bunny. Cake was actually off white in colour.

Here’s are some close up of the cake toppers. I was told that one of bunny’s ears dropped after the cake reached Seremban…oops! Nonetheless, everyone loved the chocolate cake.

Now, I gotta find a place that can make me a nice number 1 pan? Any one know where that can be done?


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