Cupcakes for Anis

When I told my colleagues I’m getting out of the capital market to become a sugar artist, many were surprise as only a handful knew about my secret passion :). Now that the cat is out of the bag, there were many enquiries and a few orders came in. Hmm… maybe I should have quit early…. more cakes to bake.

My earlier cakes made for Lorraine and Lucas came from office. And this is the 3rd one since letting the cat out. Anis just wanted some cupcakes for her daughters. No specific theme was requested except that at least 5 cupcakes must come with chocolate topping.  Was told to make nice cupcakes so that she can impress those people near her.

Well, Anis herself was impressed when she saw the cupcakes. And she was so nice that she did some marketing for me 🙂 As she was walking back to her place, she showed the cupcakes to the other colleagues. When she reached her place, she also emailed to a few others to come over her place to see her cupcakes 🙂

Many felt that the cupcakes were too pretty to be eaten 🙂  I slept at about 2am that night after completing the cupcakes but was very happy that Anis and the rest like them.


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