Blue and Purple Cupcakes

Mina ordered these for her 2 friends who will be celebrating their Sweet 23rd bithday together. Mina’s request was to have “girly” things in blue and purple, the favourite colours of the birthday girls.

Made the message on the cupcakes with pink fondant initially and found that there was too much pink. Wasn’t sure what the birthday girls think of pink.  So I painted them red with Americolor Red Sheen.  The picture here looked as if there is an overload of red but actual colour didn’t look that bad, much better than too much pink.

I like this little dress which I made using my wedding dress cookie cutter and Holly embosser stick. Painted with pearl dust for that extra shine.


4 thoughts on “Blue and Purple Cupcakes

  1. Thanks so much! the cupcakes were great and my friends enjoyed their birthday =) will look forward to ordering more from u in the future, maybe some other flavours? =)

  2. Thanks, Mina. Glad that your friends enjoyed the cupcakes. Ya, next time can try other flavours. Let me know early, ok 🙂

  3. no prob! i have friends who are interested to order cupcakes from u too.. i gave them ur email add and this website =) happy doing business!! =)

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