Kitchen Cake

This cake was made for Michael’s 77th birthday. Was told that Michael likes to cook mee rebus, mee goreng, lobak and all the Penang delicacies. So here is Michael in action trying to make some mee goreng for his family.

I wanted to put some diluted piping gel into the other empty wok so that it will look like Michael is making some soup. Discarded the idea as I was afraid that might melt the wok. Piped noodles into the wok instead but forgot to take a picture after that.

I had fun making this cake. Made the cook free hand for the first time since my last class on figure modelling with Debbie Brown years ago. I was very pleased with the facial features initially. But I kind of “damaged” the look when I tried to paint his lips and he ended up looking like a relative of the Simpsons 🙂 Thank goodness everyone liked the cake.

Would definite love to make another cake with figurine.


3 thoughts on “Kitchen Cake

  1. everyone loved the cake and was amazed at the “handy” work. everyone said that the figurine did looked like michael. thanks again.

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