Tom and Jerry Cake

Made this cake for Hao’s 6th birthday.  Both Tom and the mallet were made of cakes while Jerry is made with gumpaste and fondant. Tom and Jerry has always been one of Hao’s favourite cartoons. He had requested for a Tom and Jerry cake before but I was never brave enough to make it until recently.

Watched Debbie Brown made Tom and Jerry some 2 years ago but never attempted making them. With Debbie’s book in front of me,  I made Jerry first and was very pleased with him. Now could understand why kids love Jerry. He is just soooo adorable. Took quite some time to get Jerry’s ears to stay put, though.

Had the same problem with Tom’s ears as they were bigger and heavier. Tom would look cuter had I made his head a bit rounder. Anyway, since Jerry squashed him with a mallet, he should look squashed too! 🙂

Hao wanted all 6 candles on the cake and he was very happy when he made horns for Tom when he put the first 2 candles. Even Kor Kor and Che Che were very excited to see the cake. Che Che got more excited when she “commenced the process of destroying Tom” i.e cutting the cake  for Hao:) Piece by piece, she removed the fondant until all that’s left is a bare round cake. Kor Kor, on the other hand, as usual couldn’t wait for Che Che to complete her mission and he “attacked” the mallet first:)

Che Che is keeping Jerry so that she can play with him. Let’s see how long Jerry can last.


5 thoughts on “Tom and Jerry Cake

  1. my little boy Mason will be four in April and he loves Tom and Jerry i was just wondering if you did this same cake how much would it cost me?

  2. Hi Christina,

    I’m based in Malaysia. I believe you’re not from the same country. Won’t be able to make for you.

  3. your right….i thought this was cakeart located here us sorry but i love the cake and wish you could have done it

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