Dusting Colours and Cutter for Sale

I have additional pieces of the following  items which I want to sell. Do drop me a mail at cakeartandsugarcraft at gmail dot com or call/sms me at 012 – 2883899 if you would like to purchase them.

  1. Squires Kitchen Professional Dust Food Colours – Vine and Rose (RM20)
  2. Squires Kitchen Edible Pearl Food Dust  – (RM20)
  3. Orchard Products Edible Food Color – Magenta – (RM20)
  4. Orchard Product Lacy Heart Cutter  (1 pcs only) – (RM50)
  5. Sugarflair Edible Lustre – Pearl White (RM15)
  6. Sugarflair Craft Dusting Colour (non-toxic non edible) – African Violet and Plum (RM15)
  7. Sugarflair Edible Dusting Colour – Primrose (RM15)

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