Miniature Wedding Cake Class

I was given only a few days’ notice to teach this class. Design and syllabus were all prepared by the training co-ordinator and they look easy. After all, it’s only a 2.5 hour class, so I agreed. Would go for any opportunity to make the extra $. Unfortunately, so many unpleasant things happened. 

The nightmare started when I reached the shop. Instead of 6-7 students promised, only 3 had paid and the store could not contact the other students. Never mind, I can still proceed with 3 students.  The next thing I found out is that the students were not told what they need to bring for class. No one called them. 2 of them called up and were told to check the list in their website and the other 1 came with whatever she had in her tool box. I specifically requested that students bring a turntable as this item was not in the list of things to bring. But none brought because no one called them.!!

Half an hour after class started, another lady walked into the class and told me that her teenage daughter was attending the class. I looked at the little girl and quietly asked her age after her mother has left. She’s only 13 and she’s joining the adults to decorate mini wedding cakes!! I ended up doing most of her work.

Things got worst when we needed dusting bag and serated knife but could only find 1 of each in the store. I wonder why this store doesn’t have as the other 2 are better equipped. Whatever I asked, the staff just said she doesn’t know as classes are handled by another person….! Ok, find… I got a few bowls and  filled them with icing sugar and asked the students to just use their hand to sprinkle icing sugar on their fondant. As for the serated knife, everyone had to take turns to trim their cake. So, in the end class ended at 5.30 instead of 4.00. All this because of 2 lazy woman…. 😦

My training co-ordinator apologised many times when she found out what had happened. Well, it wasn’t her fault really. Those 2 lazy women should just stay home or find another job if they don’t like what they are doing now…sigh…


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