Red Velvet Cake

When I first heard of red velvet cake, I didn’t really pay much attention to it as the thought of putting in so much colour into the cake just puts me off. All this changed when I tried the one baked in ICCA some months ago. It was so delicious, moist and the frosting tasted like cheese but softer.

So I started my journey to find THE recipe that I like and it has been a long journey….

 The first recipe I tried was the red velvet cake from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Heavenly Cakes which uses only egg white.  Used almost the entire bottle of red food colouring as per the recipe. Both cake and cupcake turned out shocking red!

The texture of the cake was really soft and moist just like all of Rose’s cakes. But the red liquid food colouring that I used was way too much for me although this is how Rose would make hers too.

The next recipe I tried was the one posted on Wilton’s website which uses whole eggs and Wilton’s no taste red. I reduced the amount of food coloring and half the sugar. The cake turned out close to the 1 I ate but it still wasn’t 100% right.

The 3rd recipe which I tried is found from a fellow instructor, Swee San’s blog. I only used 1 tsp of Wilton no taste red food coloring and some beet root juice. The cake turned moist and soft, very close to the 1 I tasted. Only took a picture of the cupcake.

Although, it’s not red, I like this colour better than the earlier one. Maybe I can still add a bit more of red colouring the next time. The icing was a tad too soft though. Will try and use a different butter the next time I make them again.


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