Cupcakes with animal toppers

Made these for Audrey’s husband. Delivered to his office without his knowledge. Made a total of 45 cupcakes for the family and colleagues.

These cupcakes were made with a childish theme as their 5 year old daughter had more say in the design for daddy’s surprise birthday present :). I was asked to make as many figurines as possible. The crocodiles and snakes were specific requests from daddy’s girl. I was told that she refused to go to sleep the night before until mummy promised her that she will get her crocodiles and snakes.…..this little girl has got taste for fierce looking animals. She even bit off the head of the yellow snake! Once when the family was in KLCC, she hit a boy who is bigger than her. And the boy turned out to be the son of one of our clients. It was so embarassing when Audrey found out as we bankers have to  be nice to our clients 🙂

Here are some close up of the new toppers, snakes, crocodiles, doggies and tortoise.

This 5 piece set was made for the colleague who came down to the lobby to pick up the cupcakes from me.


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