Gucci Handbag Cake

I’ve always felt that sculpturing cake is such a mess and waste. And hence have not attempted any sculpted cakes. Recently I couldn’t resist learning this Gucci handbag cake from a fellow sugar artist who calls herself a cake-carving-freak. It took 2 whole days with homework at home to complete this Gucci handbag cake.

This is step 1 – carving the cake. Look at the mess.

Next step, cover the cake with fondant.

After that, comes the tedious part of making all those details. Sorry no photos of the process. Was too busy trying to make my cake look real.

And the final product…. ta daaaa…..

Used edible image on the bag and handpainted the cake board. Lighting wasn’t very good when I took the photo.

For those whose doesn’t believe that this is a real cake, here’s a picture of the cut cake.


7 thoughts on “Gucci Handbag Cake

  1. Love the cake. I recently made a Purse(smaller than this one) cake and I sclutped and frosted it vertical (the same as you did) and it collasped… :-/ any suggestions? Also what size pans did you use and did you use frosting or icing?

  2. Wish I could instead commission you to make one for me but the postage costs to Barbados will be just a little too high! lol

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