Angry Bird Cake

Missed Quan and Yan’s birthday last year due to work commitment.  However, during the long holidays recently, I managed to make this angry bird cake for Hao’s 8th birthday. The kids love playing angry bird on their Ipad 2.

Planned for more details on the cake but just couldn’t finish them 😦 Must be due to the lack of practise lately.

The most rewarding thing about baking a cake is the response from the receipient. Hao and every one loved the cake despite the lack of details. There was a lot of laughter and story telling that night. I learned a lot about angry birds too.  Here’s the angry bird cake lighted with only 1 candle as requested by Hao.

The angry birds and the pigs were all eaten by the kids. The red bird before being eaten by Quan.

Yan ate the pigs, both of them.

The birthday boy also had his share of eating the angry birds 🙂


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