Tinkerbell themed Cake

Making this Tinkerbell themed cake made me realised that having a ready made Tinkerbell figurine doesn’t make my life any easier. In fact I had to do a lot more of thinking to design the cake to match the ready made figurine.

I was given 2 small Tinkerbell figurines which are actually attached to ball pens. I chose the one with Tinkerbell on a swing which is green in colour to contrast the pink background. My original plan was to  make a huge flower umbrella above Tinkerbell. However, I  scrapped the idea as the arrangement didn’t seem logical the following day. Rearranged the position of Tinkerbell and the flowers several times and ended of with this simple design.


On hindsight, I could have used the other topper which has Tinkerbell sitting on a deep pink flower.  I now have a better idea to make use of that Tinkerbell figurine.  That will have to wait until next time 🙂


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