Gumpaste Anemone

I am trying to make a series of gumpaste flowers using my set of tear drop cutter. You can make many different types of gumpaste flowers with this set of cutters.


In addition to the gumpaste rose, peony and ranunculus which I made for class in my previous post, I made these gumpaste anemone using cutter no 3 from the set (no 1 being the smallest). All 4 colours – yellow, purple, white and maroon.


Anemones comes in many different colours and has different number of petals and arrangement.  I made 6 petals for my anemone and arranged them in a different manner.

The  black ‘stamen” looked kind of messy as they are long. So, here comes my tiny pair of scissors to give my yellow anemone a little hair cut.


The other 3 anemone was spared 🙂


I like the way the veins come alive after being dusting with powdered colours.



And yes, this is the veiner that I used to vein my gumpaste anemone. It is actually meant for slipper orchid. I am glad that it works for anemone.

slipper orchid veinerresized


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