Gumpaste Roses

I find making gumpaste roses to be very therapeutic. Over the past few years, I had the opportunity to make gumpaste roses many times. Saw a picture of a gumpaste rose which I really love but I have not been able to create that same look. I think it’s probably made using a different set of cutters. Well I am still in a quest to create my very own perfect gumpaste rose.

This peach and pink gumpaste rose was made for a Malay engagement ceremony. This was made with a 5-petal cutter and individual petal cutters.


As I look back at my gumpaste roses, I realised that they all looked different every time I make them.

rose collage

Well, I guess that’s because I’m still trying to create my “perfect rose”. Until that day, I will still be trying out new ways to make gumpaste rose.


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