I was asked by a friend to make black sesame biscotti and red bean biscotti to be served with ice cream in his Japanese restaurant.

After a few attempts, I managed to figure out how to blend the black sesame dough with the white dough. For those who knows how to make biscotti, you would know that biscotti dough is very soft and can be difficult to handle.

Black Sesame Biscotti

My attempt with red bean biscotti has not been that successful though. I tried using raw red beans, but the beans turned out to be harder than stone! When I used canned red beans in syrup, the biscotti turned out fine initially but would become soft after a few hours. This must be due to too much moisture.  I’ll just have to figure out another way to make red bean biscotti to work.

These are my red bean biscotti. Aren’t they pretty? But then they became soft after a few hours 😦 Will just have to try again until I get it right!

red bean biscotti


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