Happy Birthday Lily

cake with dinosaur and handbags


A birthday cake for a lawyer who loves designer handbags (and can afford to own many) and purple dinosaurs.


Boobs cake

I want to make it a habit to take pictures of my cakes  as I make them. Many times, I just forgot about it as my hands worked on the cake.  Well, this time I managed to use my camera phone to snap pictures of  this boobs cake.

This is a naughty cake, a mild one though. This boobs cake was made for Adrian’s 21st birthday celebration, a present from his elder brother and sister.

I baked 2 chocolate cake using Wilton’s ball pan, crumb coated the cake with chocolate buttercream and placed them side by side on 2 cake boards (forgot to take a picture of this step) on top of a bigger cake board that has been covered with black fondant 2 days  in advance. I covered the cake with skin coloured fondant and dressed the boobs in red fondant that has rose imprints, using a textured rolling pin.  This was followed by the black lace trimmings and strings to finish off the dress.

Boobs cakeI made the male figurine’s head  2 days in advance for it to dry sufficiently and added the other parts of his body after the cake has been completed.

Boobs cakeAnd the completed boobs cake.

boobs cake

Mystical Magical Unicorn Cake

I was very fortunate to be able to attend Margie Carter’s Mystical Magical Unicorn cake class recently. Margie is from Margie Carter Cake World in Australia and she was also with Planet Cakes Australia prior to this.

Margie is a wonderful teacher and I enjoyed learning from her. Her attention to details is amazing and that explains how her cakes are so amazing and realistic 🙂 I can’t think of another word other than ‘amazing’ to describe Margie. Check out her work at Margie Carter Cake World.

I still can’t believed that I actually turned this ordinary looking square cake into a unicorn cake!. The head is carved out of styrofoam to give it better support. I kind of over carved my styrofoam, hence my unicorn’s head was rather small and feminine looking 🙂

Mystical Magical Unicorn

Here’s the completed unicorn cake after airbrushing and painted with edible gold paint.

Unicorn Cake

Unicorn cake

I just love how realistic my unicorn’s eyes look!

Thank you Margie for a wonderful class.

Treasure Chest cake

This is another red velvet cake made for Zana’s sister’s birthday. As she wanted a red velvet cake, I couldn’t make a half opened treasure chest cake for fear that the lid might be too heavy (to be made with  styrofoam) for the cake.  Hence, the result is this closed treasure chest cake. It does look like a jewellery box cake too 🙂


treasure chest cake


Zana said that her sister loves all things pretty. Hence the pearls and gumpaste cymbidium orchids.


gumpaste cymbidium orchid


treasure chest cake


Rose Petal Cake

When I first saw the picture of the cake that Diana wanted, I thought the design looked like fish scales, very nice scales they are. It was only when I was at Diana’s place that one of her friends said that it’s a rose petal cake. There are in fact some loose petals at the bottom tier. Hence, I shall call this a rose petal cake 🙂

These are the 3 tiers of lemon poppy seed cake, all crumb coated with butter cream.


The top and bottom 2 tiers all ready to be transported.



Close up of all the petals on the bottom 2 tiers. Must have cut out hundreds of those petals for the 3 layers!


And this is how the final cake looks like.