Black Gumpaste Cymbidium Orchid

I came across this black cymbidium orchid in a Facebook Page – Orchidee – Orchids and immediately fell in love with this black orchid.

black cymbidium orchid

So what do I do since I am head over heels in love with this black orchid? Well…. I have made green, yellow, white, pink and maroon cymbidium orchids before.  It’s time I try a black orchid.  After some procrastination, as usual, here is my version of the black cymbidium orchid.


black gumpaste cymbidium orchid


This is as close as I can get to replicate the colour of the actual black cymbidium.  They look different but I love them both 🙂


black gumpaste cymbidium orchid


Gumpaste Flower – Rose, Peony and Ranunculus

Conducted this gumpaste flower class in ICCA. Used a set of tear drop cutters (see picture below) to make these gumpaste flowers – rose, peony and ranunculus.


This is the sample that I made before the class. Making the gumpaste rose and peony was easy. But ranunculus was very tedious and time consuming.


And the picture of my students’ completed works was taken using my camera phone. The flowers are much more amazing than they look in this photo.


Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Classes

Conducted a few Wilton Method of Cake Decorating classes the last 2 months.

Wilton Decorating Basics



Wilton Flowers and Cake Design

3 cakesresized


The same group of students continued to Wilton Gumpaste and Fondant class the following week with an additional student from another class.

4 cakesresized


Another Wilton Gumpaste and Fondant class.




And Wilton Advance Gumpaste Flower class.



Folk Art Painting on Cakes

Attended two classes on to paint daisies and roses on fondant covered cake with Zahir Yusof from Creative Cottage. This technique is known as folk art or one stroke painting. I am amazed with the outcome of this technique.  You literally use just one stroke for a petal or a leave.

This is what I painted in the beginners’ class.

my cake daisyresized

I skipped the second and third class which is painting of blossoms and hydrangeas as my ultimate aim is to learn to paint my favourite roses.

This is what I did. Not too bad for a first timer:)

my cakeresized

Will try and paint a few more cakes in the future.

Mad hatter cake

Just realised that I have not posted this mad hatter cake picture which I did in Handi Mulyana’s class in Penang in 2011.


It was my first time working with chocolate ganache to create sharp edge look for my cake.


Acquiring New Skills

Took the opportunity to acquire new skills in cake decorating last year.  Went for a few cake decorating classes with reknown cake decorating artists. Coincidentally, all 3 are from Australia.

First of all, the double barrel cake decorating class with Sharon Wee Creations from Australia. Here’s the link  to the class I took with Sharon.

Then it was the High-tea Topsy Turvy cake with Handi Mulyana of Handi’s Cakes.



Then it was Vase Cake with Luigi Stivaletta from Planet Cake Australia.



All 3 classes use chocolate ganache as a base before fondant is applied to cover the cakes. Had a lot of fun. Hope to be able to make these type of  cakes again 🙂