Pink Rose Wedding Cake

A 2 tier wedding cake for Lawrence and Shealy’s special occassion. The only requests from Shealy’s cousin who ordered the cake was pink roses with butterflies on a white cake. So I took the opportunity to try out my new sugar lace mat for this wedding cake. And voila…this is what you get!



To add a little colour to this wedding cake I dusted the lace butterfly with green and yellow dusting powder. And I think they are a perfect match to the pink roses.



The sugar lace is simply beautiful and adds a classic touch to the white cake.




Black Gumpaste Cymbidium Orchid

I came across this black cymbidium orchid in a Facebook Page – Orchidee – Orchids and immediately fell in love with this black orchid.

black cymbidium orchid

So what do I do since I am head over heels in love with this black orchid? Well…. I have made green, yellow, white, pink and maroon cymbidium orchids before.  It’s time I try a black orchid.  After some procrastination, as usual, here is my version of the black cymbidium orchid.


black gumpaste cymbidium orchid


This is as close as I can get to replicate the colour of the actual black cymbidium.  They look different but I love them both 🙂


black gumpaste cymbidium orchid

Treasure Chest cake

This is another red velvet cake made for Zana’s sister’s birthday. As she wanted a red velvet cake, I couldn’t make a half opened treasure chest cake for fear that the lid might be too heavy (to be made with  styrofoam) for the cake.  Hence, the result is this closed treasure chest cake. It does look like a jewellery box cake too 🙂


treasure chest cake


Zana said that her sister loves all things pretty. Hence the pearls and gumpaste cymbidium orchids.


gumpaste cymbidium orchid


treasure chest cake


Gumpaste Roses

I find making gumpaste roses to be very therapeutic. Over the past few years, I had the opportunity to make gumpaste roses many times. Saw a picture of a gumpaste rose which I really love but I have not been able to create that same look. I think it’s probably made using a different set of cutters. Well I am still in a quest to create my very own perfect gumpaste rose.

This peach and pink gumpaste rose was made for a Malay engagement ceremony. This was made with a 5-petal cutter and individual petal cutters.


As I look back at my gumpaste roses, I realised that they all looked different every time I make them.

rose collage

Well, I guess that’s because I’m still trying to create my “perfect rose”. Until that day, I will still be trying out new ways to make gumpaste rose.