Happy Birthday Lily

cake with dinosaur and handbags


A birthday cake for a lawyer who loves designer handbags (and can afford to own many) and purple dinosaurs.


White Chanel Handbag

Monica specifically requested for a white Chanel handbag cake for her friend Shida’s birthday.



This is the same as the red Chanel handbag which I made for my boss back in March.




Chanel Handbag Cake

Made this for my boss’ 50th birthday. Supposed to be a surprise but her secretary had to let her know about it.  

Well, she was still surprised when she saw this. She knows I can bake but this is the first time that she had the chance to see my creation. Told her that we got this cake for her because we could not afford a real Chanel handbag 🙂  She was so happy when she saw her name on the tag.

Everyone was so impressed with the entire presentation including the cake board. I am so in love with this textured rolling pin!

Burberry Handbag Cake

I had another opportunity to make another handbag cake recently. This time it’s a Burberry handbag cake.  This lead came from a fellow cake decorator who is not into making handbag cakes.  Her wedding planner friend did not specify which model he wanted. So it’s up to me to make. 

I wanted to try handpainting the bag since it was just lines. Made a small cake and found out that the lines were not easy to paint.

I had to simplify the handles knowing that the actual cake will travel from one place to another after I deliver them. Not taking any risk having the handles fall off in transit.

After making this practice cake, I realised that I need to see more details of this bag. The photos on Burberry’s website did not show the details that I wanted. So, off I went to Burberry’s boutique in KLCC to have a closer look.  I had to pretend to be a potential customer for this purpose 🙂 Luckily the Burberry staff was nice enough to allow me to look at the bag and try carrying it. Hey… I actually like the bag 🙂

Well back to my handbag cake. This is the actual one delivered to my friend’s place.

Used edible image for this. I had a tough time getting the handles to stay in place. Thank God, it survived the 30+km ride to my friend’s place last night. I am not sure of the handbag’s journey today. Keeping my fingers crossed that the handles will be stay put while in transit and throughout the wedding ceremony!

Gucci Handbag Cake

I’ve always felt that sculpturing cake is such a mess and waste. And hence have not attempted any sculpted cakes. Recently I couldn’t resist learning this Gucci handbag cake from a fellow sugar artist who calls herself a cake-carving-freak. It took 2 whole days with homework at home to complete this Gucci handbag cake.

This is step 1 – carving the cake. Look at the mess.

Next step, cover the cake with fondant.

After that, comes the tedious part of making all those details. Sorry no photos of the process. Was too busy trying to make my cake look real.

And the final product…. ta daaaa…..

Used edible image on the bag and handpainted the cake board. Lighting wasn’t very good when I took the photo.

For those whose doesn’t believe that this is a real cake, here’s a picture of the cut cake.