Pink Rose Wedding Cake

A 2 tier wedding cake for Lawrence and Shealy’s special occassion. The only requests from Shealy’s cousin who ordered the cake was pink roses with butterflies on a white cake. So I took the opportunity to try out my new sugar lace mat for this wedding cake. And voila…this is what you get!



To add a little colour to this wedding cake I dusted the lace butterfly with green and yellow dusting powder. And I think they are a perfect match to the pink roses.



The sugar lace is simply beautiful and adds a classic touch to the white cake.




Designer Stencil Cakes

Made 2 cakes with designer stencils recently.

This double barrel cake was part of the gift entourage for a Malay wedding.  The cake was first airbrushed with pink sheen and then stenciled with royal icing. I used Martha Stewart’s damask stencil set from Designer Stencils.

Double barrel Stencill Cake

The second cake was for a birthday celebration. I decorated it with royal icing stencil using the lace set stencil from Designer Stencils too.

Stencil cake

Rose Petal Cake

When I first saw the picture of the cake that Diana wanted, I thought the design looked like fish scales, very nice scales they are. It was only when I was at Diana’s place that one of her friends said that it’s a rose petal cake. There are in fact some loose petals at the bottom tier. Hence, I shall call this a rose petal cake 🙂

These are the 3 tiers of lemon poppy seed cake, all crumb coated with butter cream.


The top and bottom 2 tiers all ready to be transported.



Close up of all the petals on the bottom 2 tiers. Must have cut out hundreds of those petals for the 3 layers!


And this is how the final cake looks like.


Ombre Ruffle Cake

Made another ombre ruffle cake for a power lady in one of the local investment banks. Vivienne, who is hosting the birthday party, chose this design, ie red ruffles after she saw the red ruffles cake I made for my friends’ birthday in February.


Another view of the cake from the top. Top tier is red velvet cake while the bottom tier is chocolate mud cake.


This brooch which added bling bling to the cake is not edible and was attached to the cake using royal icing.


My pink and red gumpaste peony.


A closer look at the red gumpaste peony and ruffles.



Mad hatter cake

Just realised that I have not posted this mad hatter cake picture which I did in Handi Mulyana’s class in Penang in 2011.


It was my first time working with chocolate ganache to create sharp edge look for my cake.