Gumpaste Orchid Class

This class will be conducted as and when there is a request. Minimum 2 person to start a class in my house. Cost fee includes cutter and veiner for 3 orchids, gumpaste, colours for use in class, florist tape and wire.

If there are more students, the class can be held at a different venue and cost fee will depends on venue. Contact me at cakeartandsugarcraft @ gmail .  com if you are interested.

 You will learn how to make phalaenopsis, cattleya and cymbidium orchid  using homemade gumpaste. Techniques such as wiring and dusting will be taught.

gumpaste phalaenopsis

 cymbidium and cattleya DSC_3925resized

Things to bring:

  1. Modelling tool
  2. Small rolling pin with guide
  3. Hand towel
  4. Container for flowers
  5. Small non stick mat/thin plastic chopping board
  6. Small scissors
  7. Wire cutter and round nose plier (to bend wires)
  8. Wilton practise board (or plastic folder to cover your orchid petals)
  9. Dusting bag

Drop me a mail (cakeartandsugarcraft at gmail dot com) or call me (012 -288 3899) if you are interested to join the class.  Strictly for those with background in making gumpaste flowers only as this is an advance course.